It is Glycerol Mono Stearate ( G.M.S. ) & Sodium Sterol-2-Lactylate( S.S.L. ) based proprietary Emulsifier.


White to off white
Taste & Odour
Non taste & non oderous
Melting Range
48-52 Centigrade

Bread / Bun :-
Improve crumb softness, retention of moisture & giving the product pleasing crust colour. Reduces the requirement of fat and also emulsifiers like G.M.S. i.e. reduction of production cost.
Biscuit/ Cookie :-
Improves dispersion of fat in the product which Reduces the requirement of fat i.e. reduction of Production cost.

Primary :-
15Kg. in L.D.P.E. Bag
Secondary :-
Corrugated Box

Method of Using:-

It is used in the form of cream. Cream is prepared by taking 01 part of Sale Bake Emulsifier and add 04 part of hot water( 75 to 80 Centigrade ). Mix for about 10 min.